The Curriculum Leaders (CLs) is a professional learning community of educators from all 16 districts in Lane County in partnership with higher education and professional organizations in Lane County.

Why we come together?

We come together once a month to

  1. Deepen our knowledge and understanding of how to best improve both curricular and instructional practices that will lead to higher student achievement
  2. Access both instructional and curricular resources that have a direct impact on student learning
  3. Share out crucial information back to stakeholders in our educational communities and organizations

What do we do?

  1. We engage in focused discussions and seek out each other’s input around relevant topics and initiatives which impact everyone.
  2. We host brief presentations from outside groups about opportunities for staff and/or students happening at Lane ESD, in the community, and/or in the state.
  3. We support all districts (including smaller districts who don’t have central office staffing) to determine how to best meet the unfunded mandates.

How do we do this?

We do this by highlighting and sharing what’s working well in our schools, gathering in depth, clear, and concise information, sharing info from students’ perspective, communicating critical information out to districts, and seeking alignment between K-12, higher education, and other professional organizations.

Meeting Dates and Discussion Topics